Weight Loss Programs

Try a Weight Loss Program in Toronto that Actually Works

For decades, people looking for weight loss programs in Toronto have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Whether you are a new mom trying to shed your baby weight, an athlete in a Toronto weight loss program recovering from a recent injury or simply dissatisfied with your current results at a Toronto weight loss clinic, Dr. Margo is the most reputable and dependable weight loss clinic in Toronto.

During the 3-week weight loss program, patients are taken through individual weekly guided intermittent fasting periods, that last 24 to 32 hours. Daily acupuncture sessions, along with ear clips worn at all times, help to suppress hunger and increase sensation of well-being. Combined with weekly colon hydrotherapy sessions and massage therapy, this program has proven to be extremely effective.

Acupuncture is more than just the insertion of needles against the skins surface; rather it is acclaimed for freeing blocked energy lines throughout the entire physical and emotional body. When you try our weight loss program Toronto weight loss clinic, you will simply take rest in a chair with relaxing music in the background while the acupuncturist applies needles strategically along your bodies energy lines. With consistent visits to our weight loss clinic in Toronto, the majority of clients tend to lose 1-4 pounds per week. If weight loss seems concerning, consider trying our program in Toronto.

What Makes Margo’s Clinic the Best Weight Loss Program in Toronto?

  • Margo fuses both Eastern and Western schools of Medicine in her Toronto weight loss program
  • Dr. Margo and all doctors supporting her weight loss program in Toronto are legally licensed to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
  • Dr. Margo is not only a general practitioner, but she is also a physician, family doctor, cardiologist and acupuncturist.
  • Individual treatment plans regularly result in an increase in energy levels, an increase in metabolism, regulation of appetite and mood.

Try Margo’s Toronto Weight Loss Program, the Most Reputable Acupuncture Weight Loss Clinic in Toronto

Weight loss is a complex, complicated and scary issue to face on both a physical an emotional level. Our acupuncture treatments will help you to release energetic blockages, transform your relationship with your body, resolve your digestive issues and overcome your struggles with food. Contact our team at Margo’s Clinic today to get started on your journey to health today.