Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Searching for Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Toronto?

If you’ve been looking all over for a successful sexual dysfunction treatment clinic in Toronto, it may be time to consider acupuncture. Sexual dysfunction is a common medical problem that can be a source of embarrassment and anxiety for many men. The staff at Dr. Margo’s understands the psychological stress that sexual dysfunction can cause and will do the utmost to ensure your privacy and comfort when you visit Margo’s Clinic, an Eastern alternative to traditional sexual dysfunction treatment clinics.

Can Acupuncture Be A Successful Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Toronto?

Rather than simply treating symptoms, Chinese medicine aims to diagnose the root of medical problems. Sexual dysfunction is usually an issue of improper blood circulation, and acupuncture works by activating Qi, or life-energy, in the blood. This is achieved by targeting several of fourteen meridians, or points near nerve endings on the body, with acupuncture needles. By restoring balance to a man’s Qi, his blood can resume its usual flow and he can once again maintain regular erections. Treatment will also restore his sexual stamina, resulting in improved self-image and relationships.

Margo’s Clinic Offers Sexual Dysfunction Acupuncture Treatment in Toronto

If you’re searching Toronto for a sexual dysfunction treatment center, Margo’s Clinic is the only establishment that administers acupuncture for sexual dysfunction treatment in Toronto. Dr. Margaryta Goncharenko, also known as Dr. Margo, has been practicing acupuncture in Canada for over two decades. Prior to opening her office in Toronto, she worked as a family doctor and radiologist in Ukraine before training in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture in Mongolia. Dr. Goncharenko now combines Eastern and Western traditions to develop holistic treatments and continues to improve her craft by attending courses and seminars hosted by The Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.