Fertility Acupuncture

If You’re Having Issues With Fertility, Dr. Margo’s Acupuncture Treatment in Toronto Can Help You

Difficulty conceiving is one of the most common medical complaints that we hear. Most people immediately think of drugs as the answer to infertility, but there are several alternative, more effective methods. People are becoming increasingly aware of fertility acupuncture in Toronto thanks to the success rates at Dr. Margo’s fertility and acupuncture Clinic in Toronto. The vast majority of both our male and female patients conceive naturally with no assistance from drugs after undergoing fertility acupuncture treatment at our Toronto office.

Female Fertility Acupuncture in Toronto

Dr. Margo runs one of Toronto’s only fertility acupuncture Centers. Too often we see patients complaining of infertility who have been misdiagnosed. Infertility is often a result of certain hormonal imbalances that technically constitute what are called “sub-fertility” conditions, which can all be treated with traditional Chinese medical practices. Acupuncture works by stimulating nerve endings under the skin to affect the functions of the body. Multiple factors contribute to hormonal abnormalities including excessive stress, insufficient diet and exposure to toxins in the environment, so Dr. Margo’s treatment plans focus on those parts of your health as well. By combing healthy living and acupuncture, you can restore balance to your body and revitalize your reproductive system.

Male Fertility Acupuncture in Toronto

Chinese medical tradition holds that male infertility stems from disharmony in the organs. For example, improper kidney functions and some auto-immune disorders can inhibit sexual performance. Acupuncture treatment targets these problem areas, which in turn helps the body produce stronger sperm. If you’ve been searching all around Toronto for fertility acupuncture Centers, you’ll be in good hands at Dr. Margo’s fertility acupuncture Clinic in Toronto. Call today to see why we’ve stayed in business for over 25 years.