Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment developed by Margo’s clinic combines modern and traditional acupuncture practices.

Quit Smoking

We have developed an effective treatment that has helped numerous patients quite smoking permanently.

Weight Loss

Procedures combining colon hydrotherapy, body detox and acupuncture targeted at effective weight loss.

  • I have lost 25 lbs since seeing Dr. Goncharenko. I have never felt better about myself. Nothing has ever worked like this for me before. I cannot thank Dr. Goncharenko enough.

    Ella, Woodbridge, ON
  • I have tried to stop smoking 6 times before. Within a few weeks I was always back to my old habit. But now I can proudly say that i has been 6 months that I have been smoke free with no desire of starting up again. Thank you Margo, you saved my life.

    Vladimir, Toronto, ON
  • Thank you Dr. Goncharenko I am sleeping well again. After months of many sleepless nights and exhausted days I feel well rested once again. You are the best!

    Victoria, Toronto, ON

Margo’s Clinic Provides Safe, Affordable and Efficient Alternatives for Your Medical Troubles

Margo’s is Toronto’s acupuncture clinic of choice for pain management, insomnia, body cleanses and weight loss, but that’s not all our Toronto body detox clinic can do for you. If you live in Toronto and to quit smoking is your goal, then acupuncture can help you finally beat those nicotine cravings. Margo’s also has a reputation as the top Toronto anxiety acupuncture clinic. Nowhere else has been offering acupuncture and traditional Chinese in Toronto for two and a half decades. Read about our procedures and services to see the many ways acupuncture can improve your life.

Why Get Acupuncture in Toronto?

When patients hear that acupuncture is a 2,000-year-old practice, they often ask why we use such old medical philosophies. The reason is that these ancient treatments have been proven to work for curing innumerable ailments, and the practice of acupuncture continues to be studied and practiced to this day in all parts of the world.

Modern Western medicine places an over-emphasis on pharmaceutical drugs that can potentially have toxic effects to treat symptoms one-by-one. In contrast, Chinese medicine looks at the patient as a whole to identify the root causes of their maladies. Many medical conditions are concurrent and feed off of each other, such as stress and over eating or sleeplessness and addiction. This is why during your first visit we go through your medical history, diet and lifestyle habits to see how those play into your problem. You will then receive advice for healthier eating and living, which plays a crucial role in the healing process. We never prescribe toxic drugs but offer natural supplements to provide your body with the vitamins it needs to regulate itself properly.

After your assessment, the procedure begins with the patient lying down. The doctor will insert small, painless needles into your skin at different parts of your body called meridians. Meridians house nerve endings that, when stimulated, can impact the internal working of the body. Acupuncturists know which meridians to target together to produce the desired effect, so they are basically telling the body how to heal itself.

Weight Loss

Toronto Acupuncture Clinics and Weight Loss Programs in Toronto: More people are realizing the positive role acupuncture can play in weight loss programs in Toronto. Acupuncture is highly effective at suppressing appetite, normalizing sleep cycles and restoring order to the body’s hormonal imbalances, but patients too often under-estimate the importance of a full body cleanse to weight loss. We are the only Toronto body detox clinic to take a comprehensive approach to weight management. Our services include colon hydrotherapy and body cleanses, which you can read about in detail on our website.

Quitting Smoking

Margo’s Insomnia Acupuncture Treatment Clinic in Toronto and Quit Smoking Acupuncture: If you’re looking for an insomnia acupuncture treatment clinic in Toronto or an anxiety acupuncture clinic, Margo’s is by far the most reputable. Dr. Margo has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine in Canada since 1988, and before that she was a family doctor and radiologist in Ukraine. She continues to study her craft with The Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, of which she is a recognized member. Her decades of experience has seen patients heal from addiction, insomnia, chronic anxiety and pain, impotence and countless other medical issues. So many aspects of our health are interconnected, which is why Margo’s Clinic takes a holistic approach to restore order to your body and life. Browse around our website to learn about individual procedures and the conditions they can treat before planning your visit to Margo’s.